about  karakara...

KaraKara was a natural progression,

born by default from a country girl with three

generations of hospitality in her blood. Creator,

Kara Bizzaca, with her ultra-flair and natural

creativity, has her life consumed by gourmet

food, being heavily influenced by the talented

and extensive Bizzaca family. 

Having been in hospitality her whole life, Kara

understands what it takes to excel in the industry,

and this incomparable perspective has led her

to successfully manage both Pizzaca businesses

in Scarborough.

KaraKara is a professional catering company which specialises in lavish grazing and share tables for corporate events, private functions and weddings. Offering guests an organic and memorable dining experience, KaraKara provides a range of fresh and delicious catering options to choose from. Using only the best in gourmet produce sourced from local suppliers around WA, KaraKara presents unique, extravagant and visually appealing grazing tables which are an exceptional way to wow guests at your next event.

While the food does most of the talking, KaraKara’s exceptional level of customer service and execution are what sets them apart. With a large focus placed on understanding all aspects of the client brief, and how it can be delivered in an innovative, attractive and engaging way, KaraKara is quickly becoming Perth’s go-to provider for passionate, fresh and delicious food.